lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

"Gratefulness" :-)

I am grateful to the teacher for helping myself with the conocimiento that impartio in the course of the matter, and to help myself when the Englishman to understand(include) little mas thank you very much :) :P


On having finished this project I have come to the conclusion that the Englishman is very important for the persons, and also for the future itself, and to be able to socialize with foreign persons

Please leave us a message "Unit 16"

Is Julian:hi Nathaly how are you?
Nathaly: well and you?
Julian: thank you. well. was excuse calling you to know if you have an English activity?
Nathaly: eh leave me to see. Write to me a message give you the response
Julian: ok nathaly. To which hour I write?
Nathaly: In 30 min
Julian: Ok nathaly thank you very much
Nathaly: ok bye

Where were you born? "Unit 15"

We learn on the history of the persons who marked historical moments in the time and the space, and enteder little motives or the aspirations that tenian to realize the above mentioned goal

Did you have a good weekend? "Unit 14"

To know since, it was the weekend of a person or a few past vacations, to establish one interest with a person

You can`t miss it. "Unit 13"

This unit is to know a direction of a place or to learn to give a direction to any person who needs it

What´s the matter? "Unit 12"

It treats itself on the doctors is very important because we realize a dramatization and I help us to think over the personal situation of every person and to help the people if one can, and Also to know the parts of our body